Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainable Energy Solutions



Heat Recovery
GREENTECH Technologies develops sustainable solutions for energy curtailment, optimization and recovery of wasted energy. Our technology brings practical and affordable solutions to drive the transformation of our world into a digital and sustainable tomorrow - we are committed to being 100% renewable and carbon-free.


Double your revenue
Lower heat costs by upto 50 %
Additional Revenue Stream
Growers have been under pressure to increase efficiency and sustainability while coping with temperamentally volatile markets, rising energy costs, and diminishing resources. Growers need to be able to produce more with less and find ways to optimize every aspect of their business, from crop production to energy use. The GREENBOX is the ideal tool for growers to optimize their resources efficiently.
Data Centers
Data Centers
50% TCO reduction
100% Noiseless
30% Reduction in maintenance
The Datacenter sector is a rising industry and by 2030, computing will consume up to >10% of global electricity. Energy efficiency & modularity is essential to meet growing digital needs and national sustainability objectives. Through Immersion cooling, Heat Recovery, and energy curtailment our technology allows Data Centers to fit into urban areas with high real estate costs or space limitations, be quiet and have record-breaking efficiency PUE of 1.02
Modular lower CAPEX
Balance the Grid
Be sustainable
Utility companies are at the center of a major global shift. The surge in the growing demand for renewables, stability and sustainability objectives limits their potential growth.Through our built-in energy curtailment technology, we can commit to balancing their variable load and allow them to build the railways of a greener future to match the demand while being truly sustainable and 100% carbon free.
Smart Cities
Smart Cities
Join the future
Circular economy
Be sustainable
Cities today have ambitions of becoming the smart cities of tomorrow. But to achieve this, they need to create a green, cost-efficient and modular ecosystem allowing them to benefit all members of society from governmental entities, public/private organizations,  enterprises and their citizens. Our sustainable Technology benefits their city and allows them to focus on bringing the changes of tomorrow to today while being sustainable, 100% carbon-free and providing strong financial incentives.
Diversified Revenue streams
Recover 97% of waste heat and reuse
Be sustainable
Industrial users have been heavily impacted by the rising gas and energy costs.  When times change, businesses must adapt. As cheap gas brought a surge of CHP to greenhouses and other industrial users the exponential growth in demand for cost-efficient technologies to stay competitive and match the current market conditions. Our technology allows for industrial users to lower their costs by saving up to 50% on their heat costs.
Waste Management
Waste Management
Lower your CAPEX by 30%
Circular economy
Access  governmental funding
Waste Management is key to leaving our planet clean for the future generations. Reusing the waste to your advantage is using your current resources to their optimal capabilities. Additionally to being good for the environment and bring benefits to our local communities. Our technology will reuse the waste and provide you with an additional revenue stream to subsidize your costs and make your operations more stable while being greener.
cutting edge


Our GREENBOX can reuse up to 97% of wasteheat and resell it to heat users interested in lowering their heat costs. It is provided as clean water and allows for greenhouses and other large-scale enterprises to reduce their emissions, improve their ROI save on cost while reusing th waste to their benefit.
Intermittent Renewable energy faces a challenge from the nonconstant production and supply of Energy. Bottlenecks, overloads, and volatile fluctuations are increasingly common occurrences, even in highly developed grid infrastructure. Our GREENBOX is highly optimized for gridbalancing through the unique and rare characteristics of HPC and immersion cooling.We serve as a flexible tool to help mitigate intermittency and grid congestion and partake in grid balancing programs effectively lowering your ROI and adding another Revenue stream to your operations.
We are more than just a sustainable Energy company. We wil provide you with the tools for your project to be ready to meet the needs and challenges of tomorrow. We will provide you a tailor made financial model for your project and assist you in planning & deployment of your modular infrastructure so you can bring the future to today.


The GREENBOX is a unique modular containerized data center able to recover 97% of the heat emitted by super optimal thermal efficiency, provide energy curtailment services and provide the optimal environment for its computers to longer their lifespan and benefit the environment. The GREENBOX is the modern alternative to electrical boilers with 3 additional revenue streams in the form of sales of heat, sales of computing power, and grid balancing services. The adaptability to movements in energy prices and the diversification of revenues provide unparalleled advantages to legacy alternatives.  If you share our vision, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference.
Reduce your costs and diversify your revenue streams
Completly noiseless
Focus on you business and let us do the rest
Reduction of OPEX by
up to
Revenue streams per
2x ROI
2x faster ROI than
aircooled setups
About us

who we are

GREENTECH Technologies AG is a Swiss-based energy technology company that provides sustainable solutions to optimize, balance, and recover wasted energy. We are building the next generation of energy infrastructure for innovative applications in various sectors.
The business was born when a team of growers and energy experts that came together to solve the challenges they witnessed in the energy space. This connection resulted in a new way approach to addressing global challenges such as the transition to renewables.


We Believe in Sustainability
Greentech offers a way to not only increase the efficiency of data centers, district heating networks, and industrial users but also to make them sustainable for both our environment and future generations.
Through diversification of revenue streams, risk mitigation, and financial & political incentives, we enable institutions, governments, and business owners to choose the GREENBOX as their preferred solution.
We are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the challenges our world faces. We believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, and we are committed to using it to create a better future for all.
If you share our vision, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference.
Our sustainability goal:
Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Datacenters in Europe by 10%
Recover 100MWh of waste heat in 2022
Promote the development of Renewable energy by balancing their variable load
Show municipalities on a global scale their waste heat can benefit them.
Thanks to the heat recovery and load balancing GREENTECH provides prime environmental balance & sustainability while making your operations to produce the best commercial results.
Case Study

Case study for pepper greenhouse

The GREENBOX at this location is assisting a Dutch pepper producer with 10 hectares that was relying on 2MW Co-generator (CHP) and gas boiler to satisfy the heat demand of the greenhouses. The Greenbox was installed next to the greenhouse, and was integrated to CHP to consume electricity directly. After the installation, the pepper producer achieved the following results:
- 180% more revenue- 557,451 m3 gas replaced by sustainable heat
- Their electricity bill was reduced by 80% due to heat reselling
- 86% overclocking of hardware was enabled by immersion cooling
- Load Balancing generated 40 EUR+ /MW additional revenue by grid balancing.
If you are interested in hearing more case studies where our GREENBOX is making a difference, please don't hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to share more case studies on how our technology is providing sustainable heat to agricultural & industrial users for a discount. We have a solution for you.
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